Giants V Saints at the TCentre - Second plays First - Sorting out top spot

Mike Pero Nelson Giants (12-3) v Cigna Saints (14-2)
When: Saturday, 21 July, 7pm
Where: Trafalgar Centre, Nelson

The second placed Mike Pero Nelson Giants will host the Cigna Saints and meet each other for the first time this season. The two will play each other in consecutive weeks and potentially a third week if they meet in the playoffs. If the Saints win then they will clinch the regular season title. If the Giants win then it will come down to the final round in which either the Saints, Giants, or Sharks could finish top. If Saints do win then it will be their ninth regular season title. Since 2014, the Saints have dominated the matchups, winning 11 of the last 12. The one Giants win was 98-89 on 28 March, 2016.

Match up of the contest will be between the point guards Shea Ili and Kyle Adnam.  Ili leads his team in points (23.1) and assists (6.3), Adnam is averaging 20.2 points and 6.5 assists. Last week the Giants were without Finn Delany, who is the joint leader with Adnam in scoring at 20.2 per game. Delany leads the league in 2 point field goal percentage at 69% from the field, second is Saints import LJ Peak at 64.4%.

Referees: Dallas Pickering, Sam Pan, Tayla Ammunson

Bill Dahlberg